Savannah Stopover 2017

Year 7.

Week in Pop: ◊ EMERALD-LANE, lojii, Olivia II, Pardoner

Dark Colour, Emily Afton, EMYLE, Fielded, Of Clocks & Clouds, guest selections by Wymond Miles.

Best of Animals 2015

A gallery of the best images containing animals that were published on our website this year.

Best of Shot by the Band 2015

We posted 51 galleries by bands this year. Here are some of the best photos from those sets.

Crocodiles’ three continent expedition

Crocodiles toured all over the world & captured people and places on black and white film.

Crocodiles, Christines, and Shark Week at Union Pool

Crocodiles perform the first of two intimate NYC shows before heading out on tour.

Week in Pop: DTCV, Iris Lune, The Naturalists

Brooks Brown, Cusses, Such Hounds, Superheaven, TheUse, guest selections by Sadie Dupuis.

Week in Pop: Bür Gür, Drew Price, Lore City, Torkelsen

With Glass Gang, J LITT, pictochat, & a Monster Treasure takeover.

WARTIME, “Wartime Won't Let Me”

A bedroom project by Crocodiles' Charles Rowell, dedicated to a departed friend.

Week in Pop: DeltaFoxx, Halo Circus, Whispertown

With supporting words and exclusives from Dom La Nena, The Golden Furs, and more.

Impose, Art Fag and Zoo Music at CMJ

With Crocodiles, Dream Boys, Bleeding Rainbow, Punks on Mars + special guests.

Crocodiles, “Cockroach”

Rebel motorcycle club rock from San Diego's ghost riders on the go.

Win a signed Crocodiles & Dum Dum Girls xmas cassingle

Listen to it before you win it.

Week in Pop: Dag Savage (Exile & Johaz), Dark Colour, Jason Lytle & Sea of Bees

Don't cry bro, we got all the turkey leftovers and Thanksgiving hits you can handle.

Crocodiles, Alexis and Icewater and Punks on Mars at Bowery Ballroom

San Diego's Crocodiles played Manhattan last Friday night.


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