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Blake Gillespie

Chad VanGaalen has once again been nominated for a Polaris Prize. Even better, he's made it to the short list! This is Chad's second nomination, the first was for 2007's Skelliconnection. Gauging his competition, we hope it comes down to Soft Airplane vs. Women — that way he can't lose!

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Black Mold is Chad VanGaalen's alter-ego, a bedroom electronica project VanGaalen has hinted at throughout his releases. Songs like “J.C's Head On A Cross” from Infiniheart or “Red Hot Drops” on Skelliconnection suggested the possibilities of Mr. Chad one day becoming a mute music man.

Black Mold, “Tetra Pack Heads”

As always with Chad, this record was built from a hodge podge of broken instruments, manufactured into fully functioning Frankensteins of new sound.

Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz is out August 11 on Flemish Eye.

Snow Blindness… track list
01 Metal Spider Webs
02 Dr. Snouth
03 Uke Puke
04 Toxic lake
05 Tetra pack heads
06 Rotten Walls
07 Memes
08 Fuck Ebay
09 Wet ferns
10 Smoking rat shit
11 Barn swallow vs sk-1
12 Gummed Desk
13 Virtual Prison
14 No Dream Nation
15 Pristine Boobles
16 Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz
17 Left behind by the digital ships
18 Swimming to food
19 Finally someone invented a teleporter!

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