john carpenter

John Carpenter at PlayStation Theater

Sold out.

Week in Pop: Ensemble Mik Nawooj, Tape Waves, Thumper, TV Heads

Chain Wallet, Hart & Hare, Lesionread, Siberian Traps, Sui Zhen, Underpass, ft. guest Hologram Teen.

Watch Primavera Sound live

Thanks to Red Bull TV.

Week in Pop: Grape Room, L.A.Drones!, Littlefoot

Fog Father, Jónó Mí Ló, Naked Hour, guest selections by Eagulls.

Week in Pop: Conrad Kira, Coromandelles, Hey Anna, No Sky God

Løchstøer, Moss Lime, Rice Cultivation Society, guest selections by Princess Century.

Week in Pop: Beat Radio, Champagne, Free Weed, KITA, My Midnight Heart, Summer Cannibals

Fielded, Spirit Haus, Threading, Unconditional Arms, Yonas Michael, co-curated by The Soft Moon.

Stream Al Lover’s Cave Ritual LP

We’ve covered every release until now, but this is the official arrival.

Week in Pop: Anais Aida, Barbarian, Reighnbeau & BK Beats, Saskwatch

Featuring Au.Ra, Calypso, Isaac Rother, Jack Name, TWMTH, co-curated by Heems.

Week in Pop: Bogan Via, Jade TV, Lesionread, Tommy Toussaint

Blac Hollywood, Micah James, Pinecones, Post-Echo, SellOut! Music, co-curated by Girlpool.

Stream Dosh & Ghostband’s Def Kith EP

The rebirth of cool and nu-disco and the kitchen sink.

The keys to Polanski's Apartment Trilogy & Rosemary's Baby

A look at the Apartment Trilogy and the end of the intellectual horror.

We Ask Musicians: What’s your favorite John Carpenter score?

When it comes to spine-tingling 80’s horror scores, few can touch Carpenter and Howarth.

Camp Counselors, Huntress

Kyle Reigle, aka Cemeteries, directs his love of darkness towards Carpenter-esque EDM.

Jimy SeiTang aka Stygian Stride's Kraut-glide Mix

A mix of German minimalism that unearths Wire covers by MBV and heavy metal Kraftwerk.

SP-33's Escape From Tha Carter

Reviving Lil Wayne's gangster-swag over a John Carpenter score.

john carpenter

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