joy division

Week in Pop: Confident Hitmakers, Lulu Lewis, Nihilist Cheerleader

Admlithi, FlygerWoods, Mamalarky, Quiet Friend, guest selections by Seth Graham.

Week in Pop: ACTORS, Landshapes, Macajey, New God, Volcanic Legacy

Wilder Maker, Hazel Rose, Indian Wells, No Joy, NoMBe, Work Drugs, co-curated by Sharpless.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Cover show at Silent Barn

Celebrating love and heartbreak via the songs of Alkaline Trio, Goo Goo Dolls, and Joy Division on Valentine’s Day.

Stream PAWNS self-titled 7″

And find out their troubling answer to Joan Osborne’s burning question.

Premiere: Happy Noose, “Pictures In My Mind”

Who ever thought an airbag in your hoodie would catch on?

Week in Pop: 14KT, BLSHS, Bonfires, TLGLTP, Tropic Harbour, The Visibles

Karat talk, mascara sans vowels, Future Lives premiere, UK by CAN indie dreamers, SF pop debuted.

The Making of Era with Brian Case of Disappears

How docs on The Smiths, Can, and Bones Brigade interacted with Solaris and Metropolis.

Stream: Bang Bangz, Red City

Houston post-punk that has the synth trails of cruising through a vacant side of town.

Introducing Calico Grounds

An interview with Josh Bosarge on his Houston-based zine label.

Scott Bakula’s Dracula Spectacula at Death by Audio

Cover bands on Halloween? We said, “Hell yes!”

Fear of Men, “Mosaic”

The sentiment of Joy Division's most famous number, sung by the Cranberries' virginal cousin.

DJ Dingo Susi, Never EP

Ignore the "DJ" and embrace the post-punk shadowplay.

Speculator does the Joy Division thing

Get closer to known pleasures.

Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu will cover Unknown Pleasures

Pretty awesome, if you live in Austria.

Best cover of “Transmission” ever?

joy division

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