Year in Pop: 2017

A selection of compiled interviews, insights & editorials from 2017’s Week in Pop features.

Week in Pop: Future Twin, Hooveriii, Joe Gorgeous, Two Moons

Bryson Cone, Lushlife, Trace, guest selections by Austra.

Open Mike Eagle, Lushlife with CSLSX, and Uncommon Nasa at Baby’s All Right

The Eagle lands in Brooklyn.

Enlivened by Color: Unpacking the Album Art of Lushlife + CSLSX’s Ritualize

CSLSX producer Andrew Alburn and artist Eric Petersen discuss uniting sound and vision.

Pablo Has No Clothes: Divorcing Kanye to Marry Hip-Hop

Have we mistaken infatuation with Kanye West’s self-described “spazzing” for a lucid estimation of his recordings?

CSLSX, “Penn Station to Philly Mix”

Looking out that train window for inspiration.

Week in Pop: Big Bill, Dru Barnes, Step Sisters, Superflower, TW Walsh

Barleaux, Jae Franklin, Stronger Sex, Syvia, Tropical Horses, Witching Waves, ft. guestLushlife.

Treefort announces second wave of lineup

More real with additions like Thundercat, Pictureplane, and La Luz.

Lushlife, “This Ecstatic Cult” (feat. Killer Mike)

A track for living by your own code.

Lushlife, “Eyes Without A Face (demo)” (Billy Idol cover)

Inspired by the 1960 French-Italian horror film.

Heems, “Soup Boys”

In traditional Heems fashion, he's not giving a fuck all over this video.

Best new music of 2012

All the treasures the Mayan calendar forgot.

Lushlife Remixes Teen Daze

Lushlife scales down Teen Daze on this meditative remix.

The Best Music of June 2012

The beautiful independent life is the one we live and the one we love.

Week in Pop: The Bilinda Butchers, theclosing, Xolisa

Surfing through the Week's new tracks and coming attractions.


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