nick cave

Conversations with Nick Cave

Music legend fields questions from fans for over three hours

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at Kings Theatre


Operator Music Band Shares “EE Unsh”, Talks Family and an ISO-Booth Filled With Lemons


Jess Williamson Talks Heart Song, Is Not a Fan of Choco Tacos

“I’m a Sagittarius.”

Meredith Graves + Janet Weiss + Run the Jewels = ^‿^

The two influential musicians have a chat.

Shilpa Ray, “Pop Song for Euthanasia”

A first glimpse at Ray’s next macabre dance.

Premiere: Barbarian, “Song Of Love And Hate”

Making that train ride back to San Diego seem so slow.

Greenpoint bar chat with Azar Swan

The recent parents discuss their second baby, a new band.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at Beacon Theater

Nick Cave! Hips!

DC music-makers answer: What's your favorite 7-inch? Part 3

In our final installment, D.C. champions everything from Nick Cave to Wham!.

Debut: Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders, “Dumb Love”

Hey dummy, your love is just as dumb as you, ya big dumb head.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring kill the Aussie/Kiwi test

Thanks so much.

Chelsea Wolfe covers Nick Cave

A belated Birthday cover for the baddest Seed.

Nick Cave to help write The Crow reboot

In case you're not aware, Nick Cave is a total badass.


nick cave

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