peach kelli pop

PWR BTTM, Peach Kelli Pop, Franky Flowers at Highland Park Ebell Club

Simply amazing, per usual.

Peach Kelli Pop, “Halloween Mask”

Lashing back at phantasmic beauty ideals.

Peach Kelli Pop, Fern Mayo, and Flower Girl at Palisades

Pop, pop goes the mayo.

Week in Pop: Baseball Gregg, Elijah, Rachel Mason, Warm Deltas

Dreamboy, Foreign/National, Go Dark, Lucky + Love, Reduction Plan, Ronnie Heart, guested by MUNA.


New year. New you. New music.

Peach Kelli Pop, Crazy & the Brains, and Kung Fu Crimewave at Palisades

PKPIII, Peach Kelli Pop’s third record, is out now.

Week in Pop: Intimatchine, Jordannah, Plush, Voice Coils, Web of Sunsets

Ancient River, J Fernandez, Oddly Even, Omega Swan, with guest selections from Downtown Boys.

Burgerama Four portraits

We took some portraits of some of our favorite acts to grace the stages at Burgerama Four.

Week in Pop: ADVAETA, Dead Waves, Heart Beach, The Myrrors

EMEFE, GABI, Portable Sunsets, POW!, Terrace, co-curated by Told Slant.

Week in Pop: Beat Radio, Champagne, Free Weed, KITA, My Midnight Heart, Summer Cannibals

Fielded, Spirit Haus, Threading, Unconditional Arms, Yonas Michael, co-curated by The Soft Moon.

Week in Pop: Doctor Magnum, The Embassy, The History of Colour TV, Lovely Bad Things, Nervous Nellie, Young Boys

Summing up all the weekly good things, bad things, great things, & indie pop things.

Burger's out to cure your winter blues

News from from the Fullerton label will make your January a little less bland.

Peach Kelli Pop, S/T (Going Gaga Records)

Another shitty winter arrives to remind you that you didn’t take advantage of summer.

peach kelli pop

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