rainbow arabia

Sand, “Haggard Hawk”

Unhinged psychedelia.

Week in Pop: Banny Grove, Beasteater, Mean Jolene

ACTORS, Black Ferns, Chairman Dances, Rodney Cromwell, guest selections by Sammus.

Deserted at The Palms Festival 2014

16 acts at Palms Restaurant in one day. Welcome to Deserted at the Palms.

Time No Place

Don't call it experimental.

Week in Pop: Serengeti, VISUALS, Young Yeller

Riding the electric rainbows, sporting the staches, and keeping up with the pop punches.

Week in Pop: Curly Castro, James Wallace & the Naked Light, Prism House

Through the hypnagogic indie pop vortex we go.

GANGI, “Hindering the Sight of Threatening Events” + Rainbow Arabia remix

LA's Office of Analogue and Digital premiere a video journey & remix of mystic proportions.

The 200 most average releases of 2011

You know we're right.

Rainbow Arabia remixed by Salva

Plus the couple bring a drummer along for the Euro-tour.

The most average releases of February 2011

At least Thom Yorke did a video for "Single Ladies".

Rainbow Arabia rolling with Spoek

Bong. Bong. Bong.

Nguzunguzu remix Rainbow Arabia

And all they got were bongos.

Lazer Sword, Rainbow Arabia, Religious Girls at Rickshaw Stop

Take our word for it: kids love that Lazer Sword.

Lazer Sword, Rainbow Arabia, Religious Girls and Sister Crayon!

A party in San Fran you don't want to miss, this Thursday.

White people terrorist music, from LA!

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