Watch: Lil' Wayne, “Prom Queen”

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Lil' Wayne's video somehow makes his Fall Out Boy high school drama seem a teensy bit less awful.

A few weeks ago I posted the mp3 for Lil Wayne's rock song, “Prom Queen“, and basically tore it apart. Well, today I see that he released the video. The fact that I like this song more now doesn't mean it'll make it to my iPod, but the high-wheeling visuals and the high school drama story line makes its place as a single more comprehensible; there's no confusing why it's a banger for the teeny hip-hopper set. Bonus: Weezy kissing a girl on the mouth. Odd, because I thought he considered that condemnable according to the code of “the streets”.

Double up and watch his appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel, because you know his interviews are nuts. Quote: “This is my Scrabble buddy.” Forget a rock album, I want a reality show where Lil' Wayne lives with Charlie Gibson in a loft in Montana, fighting over Corn Pops and completing daily challenges.