Wavves at Industrial City, NY

Waaves rips through the Industrial City crowd as the Brooklyn fans roared in delight.

Big Ups, Sharkmuffin, The Royal They & Maneka Played The Silent Barn


Sharkmuffin Portraits


Week in Pop: ETA, Mommy Long Legs, Natural Velvet

Metro Riders, Siberian Traps, Studio_Dad, guest selections by John Fryer.

Week in Pop: Crushed Out, Night Riders, Plum Professional, Sims

Emperor X, Lawn, Permit, Rosebug, guest selections by Skinny Girl Diet.

Granny, EGG

Their debut EP gets a limited edition cassette.

Bernie Sanders Benefit show with Sharkmuffin, Haybaby, Darkwing, and more at The Gateway

Supporting Bernie Sanders in 2016 with two floors of performances in December 2015.

Week in Pop: Dead Soft, Is/Is, Lazy Knuckles, Pretend, Pre-Willy

EROK, Mall Walk, Preston Spurlock, Workman Song, ft.  guest selections by Dâm-Funk.

Week in Pop: Lilly Wolf, Lisa Alma, Minden, Solai, Youryoungbody

Computer Magic, Land Lines, Pete RG, SCRNS, Two Cheers, with guest selections by Pony Time.

Stream Sharkmuffin’s Chartreuse

From first dates to bro hate, no apologies needed.

Sharkmuffin, Whiskey Bitches, La Venganza de Cheetara, and more Trans-Pecos

Five bands, including one from Buenos Aires, performed at Trans-Pecos last week.

The Best Shows of CMJ 2014

Someone needed to get Type A about these scheduling conflicts.

Granny’s a “coke slut”

A Brooklyn garage rock two-piece with a tendency toward the riot grrl-laced pop punk.

Week in Pop: Lilly Wolf, MTNS, Neighbors, Stroamata

With Bonfire Beach, Superhumanoids, The History of Colour TV & more.

Week in Pop: Audacity, Blac Hollywood, Brandon Nickell, The Cloak Ox, Dazzletine, Little Band of Sailors

Fullerton reports, Vancouver vibes, memory art, Andrew Broder, P-burgh glam, & Rachel Mason's world.


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