the weeknd

New Music: AMiR – No One Else

2018 is the year AMiR will be firmly on the radar as an emerging star in the U.K.

The Weeknd at Barclays

What a Starboy.

GIA shares “Heart Won’t Forget”, Briefly Dishes on Past

Week in Pop: Baseball Gregg, Future Twin, Versing

Gurus, JAUNT, Kingsley Flood, Zoos of Berlin, guest selections by Sunflower Bean.

Week in Pop: Boyfriends, Dirty Ghosts, Foreign Resort, Pangs

Dylan Williams, Risley, Sharks in the Deep End, Throws, guest selections by Kristin Kontrol.

Week in Pop: Any Other, Clumsy, Coldair, Moss Lime, Reaches

Confident Hitmakers, El Tryptophan, Liqs, Piney Gir, guest selections by Madeira.

HARD Summer Music Festival 2015: Day 1

Missed the sold out HARD Summer Festival last weekend? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this gallery.

September's Most Average Moments

Nothing was the same. (But basically everything was the same.)

The Most Average Releases of November 2012

Here's 20 November records that are the listening equivalent of a buttfumble.

Motion Studies

Former Tempo No Tempo dude leaves more bands for a solo project.

Terius Nash's 1977

The-Dream is mad as hell and wants his genre back.

The Weeknd's Thursday

Thanks for the Friday hangover, chap.

The Weeknd, “The Birds (Part 1)”

The hair metal comparisons creep closer.

Wise Blood finds his narrative

Shooting for the moon from the roof of a high rise hotel.

The best music of March 2011

It was a good month to tune in.

the weeknd

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