Axis: Sova, “Grading On A Curve”

For your afternoon burnout, we've got a brand new video from Richie Records/TestosterTunes staple Axis: Sova in their multicolored, multidimensional "Grading On A Curve" video. If you remember what it was like to be graded on a curve in high school, you will know that it helped slackers like us out and pissed off goodie-goodies (though to be honest, I can't really remember high school), but if maybe it had been a little bit more like this Axis: Sova video, we'd have a few better memories. Colorful and whirling, the scenes shift from a religious ritual to fighting animals, all through heat-heavy colors. The track is a B-side from the recently released "Past the Edge" 7", which you can scoop up here.