Bishop Nehru drops trailer for upcoming MF Doom and Kaytranada-produced album

Post Author: Andre G

Bishop Nehru has been praised as a future star by a who’s who of hip-hop heads. He burst onto the scene as an adolescent with an already-burgeoning mastery of lyricism and focus on intellectually stimulating content. He’s been steadily crafting his upcoming project with MF Doom, and today he’s released more info via a trailer: the album won’t just be produced by Doom, but also Kaytranada.
Nehru’s upcoming album is called Elevators, and he’s split it into two parts: Act I (ascension) and Act II (free falling). Aside from the odd freestyle and loosie, Nehru has been quiet of late. He looks to further play on that mystery in the runup to this album, with secret popup performances throughout North America and private listening sessions for his fans.
Elevators will be released in March. You can visit his personal website for a chance to win entry to one of his listening sessions.