Bois, “Too Tired”

Post Author: Ava Myint
Bois too tired

In 2013, Brian Bo, formerly based in Melbourne, Florida and now based in Brooklyn, quietly released his debut album Lost for his solo project Bois on Spirit Cat Tapes. It was an intimate collection of songs that at times felt so fragile that it must have taken an enormous amount of emotional strength to complete them. “Too Tired,” like many of the other tracks, leaves an impressionable sense of deep pain and melancholy, yet it doesn’t feel like an indulgent stab at sentimentality. With a sparse arrangement and a quivering, looping melody, Bo sings, “Cold-tunnel vision / feelings on repeat / but I’m too tired to change.” The song’s new music video presents an inscrutable image of some kind of woody landscape obfuscated by an imposing lens flare that flickers back and forth to a mysterious face. Perhaps it reflects the promise of yielding to your faults and taking a therapeutic comfort in defeat.