Brenda Carsey, "Don't Sell Yourself"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

As Los Angeles-based alternative soul artist Brenda Carsey prepares for the official release of her album in July, we’ve got the latest from her camp, the music video premiere for her beautiful track “Don’t See Yourself”. Carsey had quite a bit to say about the track and project itself:

The monotony, the micro-managing, the drab and stressful game of it all. You decide you can’t take any more; this is no life for you. You get up, let go of your things, and walk out the door. But now what?
Left exposed and bare in the desert of life, free to chose any direction or path you like, each path providing it’s own struggles. You walk onward, painstakingly and confused, sweating. As you navigate through different obstacles and begin to see the beauty in the infinite possibilities of a life free from the work force, calmness begins to take the place of confusion.
As you meet different challenges head on, the sweat and struggle crystalizes, becoming part of your story, something you own. You begin to step into your true self. Growing from the inside out, signs of confident self expression and self love begin to emerge. Happiness takes the place of calmness. Ownership of the path you have chosen can be seen from head to toe.
You become the artist you were always meant to be, indeed becoming a walking piece of art.

Shot in black and white by Stephen Kenneston and Jon Chetrit, the video follows her in an office setting, where she goes through her work day entirely distracted. (For example, the video begins with her playing piano on a copy machine.) Clearly her mind is elsewhere, and when she’s had enough, she bursts through the conference room door to a flood of pastel colors and a dry, rolling landscape. She wanders around the desert in just some underwear and sheer bodysuit that places shimmery crystals along the surface of her porcelain skin. Eventually, she is adorned with more crystals – costume and makeup done elegantly by Stephen Beitler and Jeremy Hahn – singing about being herself and really exuding confidence in her strut. It’s a song about freedom, breaking away from expending energy where we need not. The video reflects that ideal, outstanding in its ability to really address the subject manner in a stunning and simple way.

Editor: Brendan Nagle
Colorist: Ben Disinger
Producer & Art Director: Brenda Carsey
Song written by and ©2017 Brenda R. Carsey

Tour Dates
June 9th – San Francisco, CA – The Glint
June 10th – Grants Pass, OR – The Haul
June 11th – Seattle, WA – The Lo-Fi Performance Gallery
June 12th – Portland, OR – Valentine’s
June 13th – Seattle, WA – The Musiquarium at The Triple Door
June 14th – Seattle, WA – Sofar Sounds – location TBA day of
June 15th – Pendleton, OR – The Great Pacific
June 16th – Boise, ID – The Reef
June 17th – SLC, UT – The Wall
June 18th – Las Vegas, NV – Pioneer Saloon

The official album release show coincides with its release date, July 16th. The celebration will be at The Hotel Cafe Main Stage, Sunday July 16th, event 8pm to 12am. Keep up with Brenda Carsey here.