Bunny, “Promises”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Bunny – the four piece grunge/punk/psych rock band taking over Chicago with their stellar music and insane performance style – is really excited to be releasing a 7″ on Dumpster Tapes soon. Until then, we’ve got the latest from the band. Their single “Promises” – recorded and mixed by drummer Drew Ryan (also known for his work in the band Courtesy) – has come full circle, providing the band with material for their first music video ever. We’ve got the exclusive premiere right here.

The video is riddled with small, seemingly mundane (but totally awesome) activities. Playing with a flower, running your fingers down blinds, peering over fences, skateboarding, playing with cake, dancing in the streets. You know. That stuff. Lead singer Jessica Viscius overzealously plays her guitar, sits on a stoop and sings. But then she’s making out with herself, so the girl is clearly multi-talented. It simply looks like the band had a lot of fun shooting a very random – and enticing – music video. We can’t wait for more from this fun new band!

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