Caravan 222 – Beatriz

Post Author: Virginia Croft

San Francisco based Caravan 222 blends human despair and the warmth others can induce, in both music and visual formats. In their latest trance-like concoction, “Beatriz,” the members of the troupe create a world full of minimal interaction, juxtaposed against the realization of freedom with one lone warrior. Written and directed by Kyle De Martini, with photography direction by Nicole Salmeri (LASH media), it’s a haunting look at a debilitating universe, anxious violins against rough vocals creating a sense of agitation, all worth the wait. Caravan 222 includes Jacob Landry (Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah) Kyle De Martini (Down Dirty Shake) Nate Porter (New Sun Company) Dashiel McClary (Big River Ever After) and their Chilean counterpart, Simon Todorovich (A Full Cosmic Sound).
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