Check Out Metal Talk Show Two Minutes To Late Night, Taping February 8

JP Basileo

In these trying times, we need the media, and, more specifically, late-night talk shows, more than ever – to keep us simultaneously informed and entertained, to keep us vigilant and validated, and to keep our spirits up and sane. So what could be more essential, more fun, more chicken-soup-for-the-enraged-soul than a heavy metal-themed talk show? Enter Two Minutes To Late Night, the independently produced show, filmed in front of a live audience at Brooklyn metal mainstay Saint Vitus, and featuring house band Mutoid Man. The first episode debuted back in 2016, with host Gwarsenio Hall rather hilariously interviewing, and, well fucking with, the likes of Ben Weinmen of Dillinger Escape Plan (RIP), and Laura Stevenson. Check that out here.


It’s parody, it’s escapism, whatever…it’s fun. And you need fun right now.

A long-awaited follow-up was released April of last year (hey, they’d do it more often but they need funding (wink wink)), and that’s the video in this here article. This episode features guests Baroness frontman John Baizley, and Hard Melissa interviewing Foxygen, along with the return of Mutoid Man and the weather outside of Glenn Danzig’s house, among other things.

Two Minutes To Late Night
is hosting a live taping for their third episode (finally!) on Thursday, February 8, with special guest Walter Schreifels (Quicksand, Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, CIV, Project X–OH MY!!!). It’s said to be sold out, but they’re said to be taping again in March!

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