Cough Cool, “Velvet”

If you still go to malls, can you do us a favor? We want to know if Cough Cool crossed over to the store soundtrack in Abercrombie & Fitch retailers. If your reports come back negative, then someone get this video into the hands of the A&F marketing department, STAT.

With no plans to tour or even play a New York release show, and plenty of time to practice their long game at the range, Cough Cool going shirtless could lead to endorsements from America's favorite white dude apparrel. We can see it now; stills of Dan in board shorts in his backswing, Dan at the pond ropeswinging out into the icy Pennsylvania waters in nothing but blue jeans, Dan at the dayjob in a checkered button up and slightly tattered, but tastefully printed, matching skinny tie. This is just the cusp of our strategy based on Dan's longing looks (very Nick Lachey of 98°) and lip-synching in the video for "Velvet". We also would like to get Tiger Beat on the phone with Dan for an interview about his likes, dislikes, and description of the perfect girl.

Cough Cool's 29 is out now on Bathetic.