Debut: GRMLN, Acoustic Hymnal sessions: “Patio”, “Coastal Love”

Kyoto born, raised in Southern California and currently studying at University of Santa Cruz is Yoodoo Park of GRMLN who premieres his Acoustic Hymnal sessions unplugged and unfettered from the urban sprawl. A day hike beyond Porter College over branch, brook and stream provides the natural backdrop for his new single "Patio" followed by the unreleased ballad of unrequited sentiment of the Pacific shoreline with "Coastal Love".

The video opens with latest single "Patio" as Eddie Aye captures images of moss draped logs, tree top cathedral canopies, and nearby running streams to match the water flow akin to the movement of Yoodoo's guitar strums. "Picking up on all the signs, I leave a quiet soul. Leaving with the half hard night, I left myself a goal, dragging me across the floor, before you go." To accompany Yoodoo in the absence of his full band, local ambiance is provided courtesy of overhead plane sounds, bird chirps and the faint noise of traffic jammed realities that loom far off in the distance.

For "Coastal Love", Yoodoo emerges from the forest toward a meadow clearing with the leaves crackling underfoot in the underbrush. "Just a piece of my life, broken apart like the ribbon that plays inside of my head, all the faces are gone, I won't remember the things buried inside of my head. Living life isn't easy, give it away and you are left with nothing but a disease, eats you up from inside, I should have known it all." Despite the chaotic emotions and heartaches, Park laments the love lost not just for himself but a sincere empathy for the girl whose life goes by without deeper interactions on account of her materialistic criteria. "I know a girl who likes a guy for what he wears, but she doesn't know that life goes by and that ain't fair, for her, and me."

GRMLN's Explore EP comes out October 23 from Carpark Records.