Debut: Heliotropes, “The Dove”

Brooklyn quartet Heliotropes premiere the black and white video for their recent b-side, "The Dove" from Manimal Vinyl. With Northwest by Northeast alternative grunge sensibilities; Jessica Numsuwankijkul's vocals, Nya Abudu's bass, Cici Harrison's drums, and Amber Myers percussion keep the denim aesthetic ripped and the attitude rugged. Like last May's single "Moonlite" or 2011's Ribbons 7", their Roky Erickson cover of "I Walked With a Zombie" single's flipside "The Dove" deals in guitar symphonics of epic rises, falls, and crashes that builds a rock house with many rooms and chord crunches.

With a drum cue and guitar slide, Numsuwankijkul begins the song's "snake" and "dove" polar dualities. The sounds move quicker than the rhythm of freight trains as their sound chugs through the sung occurrences and places of things between the plains of heaven and earth.

Streaming silks cloak around the four piece and their instruments as the fanning sheets signal the song's half way point break down. "Come around my love, take my hand. You don't even have to know the way, through the darkness and the silent springs, tonight, come around my love, take my place, I don't want to have to show the way, through the darkness and silent spaces of the heart, less we forget who we are." From this lyrical cue the the guitars wind up as the satin drapes spin about in wild motions adding strobed effects that throw jet fuel on the shredding electric afterburners.