Reggie Watts: Live at the Badlander

This town continues to amaze us. Reggie Watts grew up in Montana, so naturally, he had a lot to say at The Badlander in Missoula on a cold December night.

The Badlander "complex" is part of a multi-venue space nestled downtown. The Badlander as a venue reminds me of a western Empty Bottle, whereas the basement space, The Palace, has vibes of the Cake Shop in NYC. There's also a pretty great bar and casino attached under the name Golden Rose. Having spent a little time in each in a few short months, I'm sure there's hundreds of stories for each room. I even have a few myself.

Reggie continues to prove that he's one of the most well-rounded acts around. Blending music and comedy in a performance is something so many others try and fail to do well. He nails it. Chris Fairbanks, another hilarious Montana native, and "the only other working Montana comic", opened. Thanks to The Badlander for hosting.