Debut: Grandma's Boyfriend, “Murdered On The Way”

Grandma's Boyfriend's "Murdered On The Way" is a blistering pop punk ballad about a girl who never showed. Clocking in at under 2-minutes, it's a sweet song of loneliness that assumes the worst as a coping mechanism. The track is off the band's EP on Loglady, which can be heard in full here.

The song is "awww" worthy, but the slow motion video is "oh god, no" worthy. It begins with a curious setting, a boy ducking down in the woods, and in the time it takes to wonder if the video will follow the song's narrative, you realize what's actually happening. As saccharine as "Murdered On The Way" sounds, the directors of the video chose to focus on the punk of Grandma's Boyfriend over the pop ballad.

Grandma's Boyfriend's EP is out now on Loglady.