Death Grips, “Come Up And Get Me”

Remember when Death Grips told all the big business magazines about its infiltration of the Chateau Marmont? Remember when writers ate up the Magic: the Gathering card game allusion, drawing numerical powers from the band's Room 77 on the 7th floor suite? Remember when blowing thousands in a two-month stay at a ritzy hotel was declared a fine exercise in revolt and punk spirit, earning Death Grips honors like Artist of the Year? Remember when Zach Hill said they did it "to mirror the people we were working with and learn about that culture, which was somewhat in control of our destiny at that point"?

This is how punk infiltration is defined, ladies and gentlemen. Smoking cigarettes on a chair on a bed in a non-smoking hotel room. Climbing the piping, while everyone is asleep and hotel staff is at a miminum. Showering fully-clothed. Watching E-News. Eating flowers. Swimming fully-clothed and bound by hand-cuffs.