Django Django, “Wor”

There is this insane carnival attraction in Allahabad, India called the Indian Well of Death where motorcyclists and drivers speed around a circular wooden structure completely parallel to the dusty floor. It's paralyzing in how frightening it looks, particularly as the drivers link their cars together in ballerina mimicry that could kill a person, or many persons. The Django Django song "Wor," from their self-titled debut record, is surprisingly the perfect soundtrack to the whirl, rush, and thrill of the motorists zipping around soft, planked corners. The song picks up its pace and the drivers move faster, more dangerously. The action slows down, the song pauses and lulls. In defense of the art of music videos, this is one of the first I've watched in a long time where I find it hard to listen to the actual song anymore without the running images of dust and exhaust moving through my mind.

It was shot by Jim Demuth and a host of people from Noisey in February, and even if daredevillry isn't your scene, the artistry and pacing of the video makes it well worth the watch.

Django Django are finishing up their US tour and play in Seattle tonight.