DLRN, “Fear & Loathing” (feat. Stevie Nader)

Sacramento's DLRN is tagging on "& decadence" on to Hunter S. Thompson's signature send-off "fear & loathing" with their recent video. The track "Fear & Loathing" first appeared on last year's Awakenings EP, but will transcend into the group's upcoming Neon Noir LP.

For the video, rapper Sean LaMarr and his producer Jon Reyes are accompanied by singer Stevie Nader in a hotel with nightmare implications. Nader's lifting of Vonnegut's classic Slaughterhouse 5 line resets the intent, while Reyes and LaMarr drift along the fringe of the red cup with careful sips. DLRN does not fully endorse nor decry the indulgence of extracurricular substances on "Fear & Loathing". The bunny masks are sexy and tempting, but the goat will always cause unease of embracing paganism. It blurs the lines between good times and occult trappings.