Dream Panther, “Chutes and the Ladder”

Dream Panther sees you across the room, girl. They don't need to announce it. "Chutes and the Ladder" is going out to you.

Off Dream Panther's breakout EP Beyonce's Child, "Chutes and the Ladder" is chilly, wavy, and front-loaded with sensual ease, like those relaxing breaths after a smooth bong rip from a ROOR stuffed with ice cubes. White Widow is in the air, just how Dream Panther like it, and the vibe is strong. While most of Beyonce's Child is equiped for a summer's drive along the coast, "Chutes and the Ladder" is properly laxed in a purple lit room where anything goes, but it's mostly tame and respectful thanks to Dream Panther putting the message of love and infatuation over raunchy lust into the room.

The cassette runs of Beyonce's Child on Chill Mega Chill are sold out, but you can still stream the EP at Dream Panther's Bandcamp.