Dum Dum Girls, “Rimbaud Eyes”

Within a few seconds, "Rimbaud Eyes," off Dum Dum Girls' third full-length album Too True, recently released on Sub Pop Records, shows its true 80s synthpop colors before jumping into the vampy parallel universe it inhabits. In the new accompanying video, directed by long-time collaborator, musician and visual artist Tamaryn, that world appears in trippy color-crazy animation, with Dee Dee Penny and the Girls appearing as if in one of Richard Linklater's early sketches for Waking Life. The song builds in repetitions of hooky lyric "You've got Rimbaud Eyes," and so too does the animation escalate from tinkering-with-contrast-levels to full-blown cartoon. The video coolly sits at the crossroads of sleaze and silliness, featuring one of the more innocent-looking red light districts I've seen in a while. If anything, it serves as the perfect avenue for Penny's confident sing-strut.