DZR, "Infrared"

Post Author: Emily Chu

If you’re looking for a cool new music video to check out, look no further than DZR. This group is a post punk/goth band from Salinas, California, and they’ve recently released a video for their track, Infrared. This track is a part of their EP of the same name, which is make up of 3 tracks — Infrared, Kiss Like A Dagger, and Delirium.
This video follows a girl though various parts of a city, and the vibe is apathetic in a way, and she seems somewhat ghostly. The music, in contrast, has a strong beat that propels the track forward. The vibe of the video and the music is tied together with the lyrics of the song, as you hear them sing “you are my, are my, are my, are my, are my, are my pain.”