Elli Perry, "Fare Thee Well"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

At the end of March, Georgia-grown and Nashville-based Elli Perry will be releasing her long-awaited album, Little Thieves. She has experienced many emotional highs and lows – over the past several years specifically – that have brought her to a place where she is ready to unleash some incredibly inspired and beautiful music unto the world. Today, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of her video for “Fare Thee Well”.
Directed by Joshua Shoemaker – and featuring the musical stylings of Aaron Lee Tasjan – the video serves as visual proof of Elli’s electric energy in her live performance. Even when she’s seated, the emotion in her vocals – and in her guitar parts – is stunning. The soft lighting allows for a layer of relaxation to exist while you take a break to enjoy.
Ellie herself had quite a bit to say about the video.

This video means a lot to me, because it documented a singularly poignant and intimate moment of my life in real time. It is a live video and recording made with a bunch of my friends the day after I finally signed papers and sold the house I’d shared with my former spouse, tying off a long separation, divorce, and subsequent period of aimless roaming. That was a year and a half ago now, and though it’s taken a long time to release and share it, the electricity we captured in that moment is still palpable.

We also have the gorgeous album version of the song, which features Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket).

Little Thieves is out March 31st. Keep up with Elli here.