Em & The Fates, "PREY"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Sticking to their guns and inducing memories of legends like Amy Winehouse and The Supremes, Brooklyn based Em & The Fates are showing off their chops yet again, this time through their music video for “Prey.” Depicting an elaborate seduction, and simultaneously a demand of fair treatment, the video is impressive and powerful, featuring an embodiment of empowerment that we so desperately need. Filled to the brim with rich vocals and a vibrant sound, “Em” is joined by Casey Donahue and Catherine McCarthy, the trio shown throughout the music video.
Regarding the visuals, Emily Kron of Em & The Fates added, “The video is also intentionally directed with a nod to the traditional male gaze. The shots are strung together like classic tableaus and direct address set-ups… The video culminates outside, in a scene that suggests the female figures are being guided back to their natural space, that of the earth and the wilderness, (outside confines of society and structure) where they can be free and howl at the moon, so to speak.”
Em & The Fates will release their self-titled EP on June 2nd, with a release show on 5/30 at Mercury Lounge.