Evan Ønly, “Clique Bait Queen”

Post Author: Emily Chu

Evan Ønly is no stranger to the spotlight. Probably better known as the frontman of Family Portrait, Evan has created a number of solo offerings. His latest, is a track called “Clique Bait Queen,” and the video for this song has recently been released. And let me just say, this might be the most peculiar music video that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The whole video is one giant unexpected psychedelic trip. And that is an understatement still. From the very beginning, shapes are changing and distorting and melding into one another, in unnatural fashions. Strange naked figures and animated mannequin like figures dance around while a bust distorts around itself. Figures come out of the ground and melt into each other, in a trippy cycle, all while Evan is saying, “she’s a clique bait queen, if you know what I mean.” This video will without a doubt hold your attention and at the end, leave you wondering what you just watched. You will not find a video quite like this one anywhere else.