Exclusive: Daren Ho & Justin Frye (PC Worship) Improv Set

Thanks to stagnant advertising standards, Anheuser Busch expects us to associate beer with sporting events, arena rock, and frat parties – enjoyed responsibly. It's mirrored in music business of major labels pushing records promoting consumerist-leaning music, brand name dropping, and excess in our ears. But, there's always a counter-culture and in the beer business it's craft brewing.

Craft breweries and independent musicians have a common ground of DIY ethos. There's been some pairing of the two and we hope the relationship continues to grow. Brooklyn's Sixpoint Brewery is nearing its tenth year anniversary. Recently it opened it's tank room for an exclusive improv set from Daren Ho, aka Driphouse, and Justin Frye of PC Worship. The two churned out nearly a half-hour of meditative ambience and anxious-rousing noise. After 7 minutes of transmitting improvisational signals into the tank room, Frye pauses to slug down a Sixpoint pale ale in three gulps. There's your craft beer ad.