Premiere: Western Medication, “Problems in D.C.”

Western Medication interrupt political business as usual with the following special bulletin. In their homemade video exclusive for "Problems in D.C.", Nashville's wild rebels of the western frontier don presidential masks and a barrage of humorous collage work to lampoon the regressive trends of domestic and foreign affairs dedicated to our loving leaders past, and present. Ripped from their Jeffery Drag 7", The Painted World; thrash about with Justin Landis, Adam Moult and Kevin Kilpatrick from Bad Cop, with Useless Eaters' Alycia Wahn; as they throw out the western medicinals and get to the root of central civic problems.

Rocking Reagan, Romney, and Nixon masks and more in a spirited home performance; Western Medication brings their frustrations to the capitol steps of Washington by taking the piss out of our leaders' paramount and principle capital interests. No sooner are images of 'Tricky Dicky' leading astray flocks of sheep, before you are treated to further cut-and-paste craft animations of Mitt Romney and Dick Cheney in a bodybuilding contest that would have Trey Parker and Matt Stone tipping their hats in approval. Before long, we get an appearance from George W. decked out like Goldilocks holding a giant super sucker and a Ken doll, before Condoleezza Rice wields the Washington Monument like a strap-on of unlimited, unilateral unchecked omnipotent power that our great nation pretends we still posses on an unstable stage of global political theatre.

For further guidance, Justin Landis wrote us this political op-ed that takes on the system with more logic, rationale and reason than you may hear from the combined bark of pundits all week.

"The video was being made right around the presidential elections last year so it was really fun to dig through all of my books and magazines to try and find the right expressions for the political figures. The song is obviously about 'Problems in D.C.' Not so much about a hatred for political opinions but more about the idea of a political system that works the same way as a company would. Our Leaders of Men are doing nothing more than looking for the best deal from lobbyists that will help them reach their goal of staying in political power.

This sounds bad but it gets really bad when you think that this system works for all problems the government faces. How much of our government decisions are being made by companies that have a leg up on our political system. We’re not making our decisions in the world based off our own good ideology. We go whichever way the man with the nicest alligator skin wallet tells us to unload our garbage.

Take the issues in Syria right now. A huge amount of money is coming from AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, in favor of military action against Syria. Does this sound like the right way to make world decisions that affect us all? I don’t really have a good solution to these problems. Instead I wrote a song about coping with that feeling you have when you’re a child and you first learn the worlds not fair and equal, or rational. It’s the cynic in me coming out. “Is that what you want? Well that’s what you’ve got. Problems in DC.”

Western Medication's The Painted World is available now on Jeffery Drag Records.