Gambles, “Trust”

There's a weight on Matthew Daniel Siskin's shoulders as he works his way through "Trust". He carries it like he carries his acoustic guitar, like he carries a scratch in this throat. He doesn't carry it like he carries Beyonce's bags (we assume) from time to time as her creative director by day – so we hear.

The arrest of "Trust" comes from a scared place receiving advice from a knowing one. Siskin recorded the song on the heels of a late night at Rare Book Room in Greenpoint with Nicolas Vernhes, who keeps a recording studio in the back. Vernhes engineers and mixes records by Matthew Dear, Atlas Sound, and Wild Nothing back there. But on the night he and Siskin recorded "Trust" it was in the name of spontaneity. "Trust" was not written, but dealt with over the course of internalizing the trying years and sharing them with a friend with a studio. It was recorded on a whim, but it was slowly conceived well before the name Gambles was a thought.

Gambles plays his first show on December 9 at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, New York.