Hot Sugar, “Leverage” (feat. Kool A.D., Fat Tony, Lakutis, Nasty Nigel)

Looking back on Hot Sugar's Midi Murder EP, we should have endorsed it stronger, but Scion A/V treating rap like a rebellious Catholic pupil, slapping rulers over the curses had us quick to dismiss releases under an automobile label. None of us own a Scion, nor ever will, and we like to blast our rap out the windows of Nissan Altimas with explicit content. The Midi Murder EP was the exception in the series and for reasons we do not know, but we do love, the EP is liberated from Scion A/V's clutches. Now streaming on Hot Sugar's Bandcamp, the EP is explicit and no longer tainted by corporate endorsements.

If further encouragement is required, simply watch the video above for the track "Leverage" featuring Kool A.D., Fat Tony, Lakutis, and Nasty Nigel of Children of the Night. Hot Sugar's sleepy midi-boom bap is right in Kool A.D.'s comfort zone of La-Z-Boy rap, referring to himself as Eric Sermon the generic version, which even he seems to crack a smile over in the recording. Fat Tony counter-acts Kool A.D.'s delivery with a double-time verse, Lakutis calls in from a payphone to diss your mom, and Nigel is upside down sipping Peroni as a thirst quencher.