Interview: Beak>

What's in a name? A lot of pride can come in a namesake, but for the members of Beak> it's still undetermined why exactly they chose the moniker.

We got together over beers in the Ace Hotel to talk with Geoff Barrow, Billy Fuller and Matt Williams of Beak> to discuss the function of that greater than symbol, which surprisingly has many functions, the status of recording the new Portishead record – pay close attention a comment is made – the dangers of a good-looking handyman vs DIY home repair, and somehow we got on the topic of movies that make them cry. Our talk ends on a high note though, so you shouldn't need to keep the tissue box close.

Beak>'s >> is out now on Invada and their second collaboration with Anika is out in April on Stones Throw.

For streaming Beak> music, check out their Bandcamp.