Isaiah Toothtaker, “Numb”

For whatever reason Isaiah Toothtaker is well-connected in gathering the choicest production, from an elite producer rolodex. Steel Tipped Dove laces Isaiah on "Numb" with a certified banger that builds a cathedral for the crime and intoxicated escapism. There's a harrowing story at play on "Numb" of a done deal that cannot be undone. It has Isaiah turning to a cup of lean and puffs of dro to the thought of "no amount of purple can wash the red away".

What baffles us is why rappers are not reaching out to Isaiah to lace them with choruses and make him the next Nate Dogg. Isaiah can write a sinister hook. With each release he's shown growth in his signature style of sing-song flow that takes the piercing edge off his nihilism. Not everybody can afford 2 Chainz, so put an offer out to Toothtaker. You might even get a tattoo out of it.

Isaiah Toothtaker's new mixtape is out March 1.