Heems, “Soup Boys”

If there's one thing we've gathered in our years of intel on Das Racist and specifically Heems, it's that he uses slacker as a veil. We let our guard down when it looks and sounds as though he can barely be bothered to rap or string a verse together with much sincerity or collected thought. When he dropped Wild Water Kingdom it was introduced with a "Killing Time", which flexed an Echo & The Bunnymen sample, that sounded thrown together. Those words "thrown together" are fairly indicative of the mixtape in the traditional sense, but it gave the wrong impression following the impressive outing in Nehru Jackets.

If you slept on Wild Water Kingdom, like I did based on "Killing Time" then "Soup Boys" is going to change your mind. Phenomenally produced by Lushlife, "Soup Boys" is Heems at his finest, clearly bothered by U.S. policy, but respectfully dodging the issue with a catchy pop tune with a chorus of "I'm looking for a pretty drone to take home tonight". It will make you laugh at first. Second listen you'll pay closer attention to Himanshu's stoned word play. Further listens will have you going out of your way to drop this song on a party mix.

Download Wild Water Kingdom here.