Jackie Mendoza, "Chemtrails"

Post Author: JP Basileo

An introspective creative process can reveal different sides of an artist, or different concepts and perceptions of the world, to both artist and audience alike. A new video from Jackie Mendoza for her song, “Chemtrails,” depicts several, alternate realities in which she seems to exist simultaneously, each with its own weight and purpose. The track opens with a hypnagogic synth melody, simple and soothing, yet unknowably intoxicating. The resonating pulse of percussion cues the start of the Mendoza’s contemplative vocals, which immediately tell of ennui and inescapability in beautiful iterations of, “it’s always the same.”
The visuals (directed by Luke Carr (Wolf Diamond), and assisted by Haley Hagendorf) hop from location to location, universe to universe, life to life, like skipped beats on a record player. It opens with picturesque shots of New York City rooftops, upon which Mendoza traverses carefree, blowing bubbles and dancing. But of course there exists life’s gravity beneath this. Handheld camera shots follow her into a glammed up event space, a forested park exterior, and some otherworldly nightclub in which she appears to be performing: she’s living in all these places, these stories, these personalities, all at once. It has the feel of trying to find a sense of self in taking on these different facades, and subsequently accepting and celebrating that they’re all a part of you.