Debut: JIIIIIM Henson In The Vice Grxp, “$hangT$ung”

After consuming two hedonistic rap records from the New York duo JIIIIIM Henson In The Vice Grip, we finally get a visual on the heathens known as JIIIIIM and Every… sorta. For the duration of the "$hangT$ung" video, JIIIIIM is keeping his identity obscured with a bandana, which is to his advantage considering the oddball nature of his music. It's better that JIIIIIM's parents not stumble upon video footage of their son rapping about making women want to skeet skeet.

We still don't entirely know who's holding the non-business end of the hatchet and making ratchet tracks deep in the Burroughs of New York, but we're slowly piecing together an twisted idea of JHITVG.

Corbin Dallas is out now on OUNCE.