Premiere: Kera and the Lesbians, “Nailbiter”

Join Kera and the Lesbians for an old school viewing of the sights, sidewalks and streets of LA in the debut of Michael Delaney's Super 8 filmed video for "Nailbiter". Follow Kera as the nail biting anxiety is taken to the streets, where the weirdness of misfitted creature comforts are brought closer together in camaraderie through Delaney's lens [it should also be noted that he is also the cover artist for the single]. Through the vintage film style, the surreality of mad city Southern California is transformed to a younger Hollywood. Somewhere between the decline of the silent film and technicolor advancements, the tramps, transients, religious statues and hat tricks open up a figurative and literal box of worms. And in the same vaudeville visual treatment to the song's burlesque sultry but surly sway; stay tuned for the death defying finale as Kera attempts to walk the razor's sharp edge of a building ledge with no net but with a daredevil's fearless panache. Kera shared the following exclusive insight into the video's vérité style:

"NAILBITER' is a song of anxiety, paranoia, and the elusiveness of the mind. Michael was inspired by walking through downtown Los Angeles and seeing all the broken lives, the desperation, the hopelessness, the volatility, the people who never made it, and the indifference of so many passers-by. Amidst this, though, was a sense of community and camaraderie amongst the overlooked, a shimmer of hope that was incredibly encouraging. We as a society are becoming increasingly separated from each other, but if you strip away all of the luxuries, the fear, the selfishness, all we have is each other. We're all rushing through life, not taking time to notice the sheer beauty of our existence. We judge others without knowing their story, not realizing that we are all the same. We all love someone, we all have fears and anxieties, we've all suffered loss. Love and compassion are the only things that can bring us back to our natural state of connectedness. In his directorial debut, Michael aimed to capture these raw emotions by using a vérité style to reflect the tension and unrest within ourselves and our society."

Kera and the Lesbians "Nailbiter" single is available now on Bandcamp.

Catch Kera on the following dates with a tour kicking off tonight in SF.

25 San Francisco, CA at the Rickshaw Stop
27 Santa Cruz, CA at The Crepe Place
28 Solana Beach, CA at A Ship In the Woods
29 Los Angeles, CA at the Bootleg Bar

20 Los Angeles, CA at Origami Vinyl