Kiah Victoria, "Remedy"

Post Author: Andre G

When it comes to highlighting poverty in America, there’s as much to be said about what we are eating and drinking as what we aren’t. Take Flint, Michigan’s still-ongoing epidemic with lethal water. It’s a tragedy that can be defined as simple as LA-Based singer-songwriter Kiah Victoria’s “we aren’t drinking the same water” observation on her soulful “Remedy” song. The reflective track analyzes and chastises the veritable American oligarchs who “don’t look outside the window of your towers.”
Victoria’s juxtaposition of gentle vocals and unflinching lyricism highlight the despair of our new reality, in which “water is a luxury, even in the United States,” as she reflected via e-mail. The melancholy track was augmented by a video which sees Victoria reflecting in her room and taking up her lawn as a safe space amidst a world where “both heaven and hell reside,” she surmises. Victoria will be taking a likely much-needed sojourn away from the states this Spring during UK performances with Jessie Ware.