Kirin J Callinan, “W II W”

Two of the editors at Impose were just now having a debate, as we received the email containing this video from this new Terrible Records signee. One was saying, "There is an intersection between music and theater, because music is performance," and the other was rebutting, "But how much of music is actually performance anymore? Is there performance in making a beat?" So one has to wonder at the timing of the receipt of the email containing this video. Was it heaven-sent?

Here is a new Australian artist, Kirin J Callahan, making almost inexplicable beat-based music. It is like Black Dice, without the bubblegum. A throbbing, wordless story of aggression. And here is the video, featuring the artist as himself, in a series of jagged tableaus. Is this a piece of filmed theater? Is this a part of the performance of this music? We can't answer this question, but we can ask it.