Le Mutant, "Super Mario Taco"

Post Author: Ian Schneider
Thomas Saez, Jérôme Martineau, and Keveen Baudouin of Le Mutant, have created something that must be seen by the entire world.  This would be the music video for their song “Super Mario Taco”.  It is exactly what you think it is, a song about Super Mario and Tacos.
The intro, and actually the whole video, is as if it came straight from a confusing dream.  While Le Mutant is performing the song, they are followed throughout the world of Super Mario.  They become the characters as they rock out in the retro world, while of course throwing and eating tacos.  In the song there is a transition from heavy punk rock, to a mariachi themed chorus, which honestly blew my mind.  Not because of how different the sounds are, but because of Le Mutant’s ability to pull off such a major change in tone.
Here is a great quote about the video that captures what it is all about:
The video was directed by Patrick Fogarty. Shot at our place in Highland Park. We bought 100 tacos, set a giant green screen in the backyard, dressed up (once again) and film each excerpt individually for the director to insert us into the Mario world in post production.
For more information about Le Mutant and access to all of their social medias, you can visit their website.