Matthew Fountain & The Whereabouts, "This Is Kneeling"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

“This Is Kneeling” is the second single from the album Born On The Hook by Matthew Fountain & The Whereabouts.  The Portland based band counts as their influences Leonard Cohen, Harry Nilsson, Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley among others, and you will hear the nods to these greats in the truthful lyrics and mournful tune.

“This Is Kneeling” pays homage to the singer/guitarist’s (Matthew Fountain) Bible Belt upbringing and employs the reference to prayer as a metaphor for his vulnerability.

The video for “This Is Kneeling” is a work of art that reflects the lyrics.  Ballet dancer/choreographer Candace Bouchard has created a dance for the duration of the video that begins with a tentative feel.  As the film progresses, the song, and therefore the dance, gain momentum and confidence in the message that is communicated.
The music and lyrics for “This Is Kneeling” are by Matthew Fountain.  The video was directed by Alex Fournier and produced by Alexandra Blatt.
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