Merk, "I'm Easy"

Post Author: Nick Fulton

Cheer up! The sun’s coming out, and Merk has the perfect song to kick-start summer (or end it, for those of you down under). “I’m Easy” is 100% pop perfection. A vibrant melody and a simple message is all it takes. It’s always great when you can sing along, and this one’s easy – “I’m easy, I’m easy”. The song officially landed last November on Merk’s debut album Swordfish, and it now has an equally infectious video, directed by expat-kiwi animator Parallel Teeth (Robert Wallace).
The video features Merk – wearing his favourite poached egg sunglasses – bopping alongside a cast of colourful characters, including a frosty tube man, banana dolphins, a bubblegum-blowing baby and a puffing vase. Wallace, with assistance from Caitlin McCarthy and Josh Yong, has perfectly captured the song’s playful essence.
Wallace says the video was a multi-country collaboration, with the footage of Merk shot in Auckland, New Zealand and the editing and animation done in his London studio. Of the imagery, he says, “The idea was to capture the naiveté and playfulness of early ideas, before they can become overthought. The creatures are playful yet nostalgic, with a little bit of melancholy keeping the tone balanced.”
You can listen to Swordfish on Bandcamp and watch the music video for “I’m Easy” right here on IMPOSE.