mini bear, “Prophecy Girl”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Los Angeles’ synth-pop mini bear definitely knows what they’re doing. Referring to themselves as “retro-futurism” is taking it lightly, as their music takes you on an adventure back in time. Every time. Their Mind Control EP is out September 30th. While we await its release, we’ve got the exclusive on their latest music video for the song “Prophecy Girl”.

“‘Prophecy Girl’ is a warm, rainbow haze of synth pop proportions written from the perspective of Buffy Summers,” mini bear’s Lauren Kop expands. “It explores the contradiction between romantic destiny and a cold future foreseen.”

What an 80’s throwback video this seems to be. In the vain of the “Prophecy” part of the title, we begin with a shot of the infamous Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine, a popular staple at arcades in the 80’s and 90’s (and before and since, I’m sure). There are illustration aspects blended in to those shots, and then video footage of mini bear singing at the camera layered with one-futuristic aspects found in throwback music videos. Pixelated like old video games, geometric features enhance the synth pop design of the song itself.

There are elements of this video and song that several generations of pop culture-savvy humans will enjoy, so check it out for yourself.

Mind Control is due out September 30th. It is available for preorder now.