Racing Heart, “A Prayer from Our Leaders”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Experimental pop artist Racing Heart (oka Mathias H. Tjøn) is revving up for his second album release. What Comes After touches on politics, but in a very unique, personal, and accepting way. A very different album than his first – the work was aided greatly in lyrics and vocals with the wonderful Jenny Hval – we cannot wait until its release on September 16th. Until then, we’ve got the video premiere for his track “A Prayer from Our Leaders”.

First thing’s first. What IS this ensemble that he is wearing? The nice patron at the bar – who, it turns out, is actually Tjøn’s mother – is quick to compliment him, and we’re just over here laughing a little bit. Which is good, as we’re keen to learn his native language as we hurriedly read the scrolling subtitles, and we prefer laughter. And then we find that the entire video continues in this vein. It’s refreshing, to say the least. As Racing Heart engages a woman of a different generation in a discussion about the message in his melancholic song, she admits that she wouldn’t have matched his music to his outfit. They speak openly and amicably about politics, and grow what seems to be a very important understanding of – and respect for – each other.

This is an important video.

What Comes After is out September 16th via Misra Records.