Monster Rally, “Orchids”

For anyone still blissed out on "Orchids," Monster Rally's transporting tropicalia track off the Return to Paradise LP, today's release of the accompanying video will come as a welcome Monday daydream-inducer—there's a reason why mastermind Ted Feighan made it onto our Best of October list this year. The video, shot in a sunny LA studio apartment, features a classical Indian dance rehearsal, with Feighan on his sampler as the centerpiece, somewhat out-of-place but nonetheless having a great time. The sounds he's sewn together could have all-too-easily lent themselves to trippy and annoying visuals that try too hard, but the actual result is a happy reminder of Feighan's down-to-earth sensibilities as an Exotica beatsmith.

Return to Paradise is out now on Gold Robot Records.